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Celebrate Your Date Night with Kyowa Oven

on September 14, 2020

No need to be an expert cook to impress a special someone! For date nights and intimate celebrations for Valentine’s, all you need is a handy oven and these oven-baked dinner ideas to choose from!

Bacon & Eggs Over Asparagus

Set simple yet sophisticated touch with this easy-to-prepare appetizer. Line asparagus stalks on a tray with bacon, then top with egg yolks and season with salt and pepper before heating in the oven. The resulting dish is one with a unique mix of flavors and textures. 



You can never go wrong with pasta, especially if it’s lasagna! A simple oven-baked procedure requires cooked beef, sauce, cheese and a bunch of lasagna noodles. 


Chicken Breast-Crusted Parmesan Cheese

Baking will always be a healthier alternative to frying, not to mention cleaner, as there isn’t much of grease splattering on your kitchen countertops. For your chicken dinner option, serve a platter of thin, crisp chicken cutlets coated in parmesan, egg, and bread crumbs!


Oven-Baked Ribs

If you and your partner are big meat-lovers, then you might just fall head over heels for tender oven-baked ribs. The secret to flavorful, fall-off-the-bone juicy ribs? Bake low, slow with patience and a little extra of your favorite sweet & spicy barbecue sauce. 


Ay-ay-ay Fajitas

With the right spices, veggies and seasoning, a chicken fajitas cooked on a casserole dish can still yield spicy, fragrant and ay-ay-appetizing results.


Simple Salmon Cake

An elegant option for entree, these flaky salmon cakes are packed with protein and good fat from fish and egg. Drizzled with mustard vinaigrette, salmon cakes pair well with vegetables.


BONUS: Oven-Baked Crème Brulee

Finally, you can opt to end the night on a sweet note with a creamy and delicious custard dish: creme brulee. It’s easier to prepare than you think! A few key notes in the process are to strain your custard, bake gently in a water bath and make use of your oven’s broiler for that crisp, burnt top layer of sugar.



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