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Cleaning & Caring for Your Kyowa Water Dispenser

on September 14, 2020

Choosing the right water dispenser for your household may sound simple, but there is actually a set of factors to consider. And let’s not forget about the care and maintenance that must be regularly done after purchase.

Thinking about having your own water dispenser? Let these points on purchase and after-care guide you.


Types of Water Dispensers and Coolers

Before purchasing, decide on what specific type. Not many know it, but there’s actually range of dispensers and coolers to choose from. Here are a few of the common types, based on placement:

  • Top Load Bottled Water Dispenser – this is the most common type, where you simply place a 2-gallon water bottle on top of the unit.
  • Bottom Load Bottled Water Dispenser – instead of sitting on top of the dispenser, the bottle for this one goes to a compartment under the unit. This leaves you with a space-saving, bottleless look.
  • Countertop Water Dispenser – perfect for small kitchens, a countertop dispenser saves space and one of the most cost-efficient types too.
  • Point of Use – on the other end of the cost spectrum, point of use dispensers are an investment as you’ll be tapping into your home’s water line. No need to buy or refill gallons of water if you opt for this type of dispenser.


Detail Factors You Shouldn’t Skip On When Purchasing

Aside from choosing which type, spend a couple of minutes on these important points too.

  • Long-term Usage – will regularly refilling or purchasing gallons of water be sustainable for you? Or will having a point of use system be easy for you?
  • Space – bottom load dispensers may good to look at, but if you do not have that extra floor space, then countertop is the way to go.
  • Price vs. Features – do a little online research on what units are available. Don’t forget to compare prices and extra features. Who wouldn’t want to spend a little extra for a unit with a built-in purification system?


Maintenance after Purchase

Now that you’ve chosen the right type, it’s important to know about proper care and maintenance. Especially since moisture is a breeding ground for molds and some diseases.

As with any home appliance, cleaning your water cooler routinely is a must. The basic quick cleanse includes exterior cleansing and dipping tubes in hot water, while the deeper type of cleansing requires dismantling disassembling and rinsing the unit’s reservoir.

In addition to cleaning, how you use your water dispenser is also a way of maintaining it. For water coolers, keep these general pointers in mind:

  • Unplug your water cooler when it’s completely empty.
  • Regularly check on the wire grid at the back every month and remove dust or lint with a vacuum.
  • Be sure to check for leaks.

Maintenance with cleaning and proper usage of your water dispenser or cooler is the best way to ensure fresh, clean drinking water. 

KW-1512 Kyowa Water Dispenser

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