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Cook Healthy with Kyowa Convection Oven

on September 14, 2020

Dreaming of a modern kitchen that is clean, organized, and equipped with hardworking appliances? You will definitely need a convection oven to complete your list for that;  but what is a convection oven anyway? These basics should fill you in. 

Convection Ovens: Not Your Conventional Oven Type

A regular oven differs from a convection oven as the latter has a fan and exhaust system. These two components work together to blow hot oven air over and around the food you’re cooking, and then vent it back out. The benefits include:

  1. Faster Cooking. Food cooks about 25% faster in a convection oven, thanks to hot air being directed onto food instead of around it.
  2. Even Cooking. The fan inside a convection oven makes sure that there are no hot spots, or that the heat is evenly distributed within. This process of circulating air easily evens out temperature variances.
  3. Better Flavors. Fast cooking, and even cooking allows for flavor to develop. Meat, for example, comes out juicier because the skin browns faster and locks in juices.
  4. Healthy Cooking. Baking or roasting in a convection oven uses dry heat. Generally speaking, dry heat cooking helps meat and other food items retain nutrients such as Vitamin C and B-Vitamins.

When and What to Use a Convection Oven for

A convection oven can be useful for different methods of cooking. To be specific, this kitchen unit is ideal for main dishes and desserts through the following cooking procedures:

  • Roasting: Meats and vegetables cook faster, evenly and with a crisp that a dry cooking environment delivers.
  • Toasting: The goal with toasting is similar with dehydrating food items; you have to get rid of moisture. And with its built-in exhaust, moisture is never a problem with convection ovens.
  • Reheating and Cooking Meals with a Lid On: Cooking or reheating a casserole dish or stew is easy too as you can control moisture loss by simply covering your dish with a lid or a piece of foil.
  • Baking: Convection heat melts fat and creates steam faster – both useful in creating lifts and puffs in doughs and pastries. You also save time when baking cookies because the even heat distribution frees you up of having to rotate your cookie tray.


Kyowa’s Convection Oven can bake, roast and toast large amounts of food with a safe cooking monitoring function. Complete your line of modern appliances today with quality-tested units from Kyowa! Visit us at the nearest department store or at Lazada!