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Cooking Safely with Kyowa Gas Stove

on September 14, 2020

Using a gas stove for cooking is one of the things any cooking enthusiast must learn and understand. As with any heat-generating cooking appliance, using a gas stove should constantly be done with caution. Keep it safe in the kitchen by checking these safety precautions are in place when using a gas stove.

Tips for Safe Cooking with a Gas Stove

  • Keep Out of Reach: Cooking while keeping an eye on kids (or even playful pets) can be quite distracting! Make sure that the handles of cookware are out of children’s reach. Make sure to supervise them if they want to cook in the kitchen.
  • Keep Watch of the Fire: Place your pan or pot on the burner before turning on the stove to avoid dangerous gas stove flare-ups! Adjust the size of the flame coming from the stove burner – making sure that it covers the bottom of the pan without surpassing the pan’s perimeter (meaning you cannot see the flames from the sides of your pan).
  • Keep Utensils Within Reach: Multitasking helps speed up the cooking process; it helps to be extra careful with the cookware and cooking utensils you’re using with gas stoves. Use pot holders if you’re handling particularly hot food. Make sure not to leave metal utensils on the pan when you pause from stirring, and to keep wooden utensils far from the stove when not in use to avoid untoward incidents.
  • Check for Gas Leaks: Gas stoves are preferred by chefs because the temperature adjusts faster, but using them comes with their own risks. Regularly check for gas leaks, and replace any old or rusty parts as soon as possible.