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Electric Kettle: Do You Need One in Your Kitchen?

on September 14, 2020

So you’re looking at your kitchen and you already have the basics covered – a stovetop, rice cooker, pots and pans, and utensils. But, from time to time, you ask yourself, “Do I need an electric kettle?” Having one may seem unnecessary, especially when you already have a working stovetop kettle. But more modern kitchens find that it is incredibly essential, and these points may be just why.


The Case for Electric Kettles 

1. Saves time

As we all know, boiling water the traditional stovetop way can take a long time. Meanwhile, electric kettles can boil water faster as they have an electrically-powered component that heats up quickly. Plus, electric kettles are insulated –they have less heat loss which eventually makes for a faster boil.


2. Saves electricity

This highly depends on your kitchen habits and the number of appliances you use in a day. However, using an electric kettle is proven to be more energy-efficient than using a microwave or an electric stovetop as it is the one that can boil water while pulling in the least amount of electricity via its plug. According to a study by Inside Energy, an electric kettle is 80% efficient – more efficient than an electric stovetop and microwave, at 70% and 50% efficiency, respectively.


3. Safer than stovetop kettles

Unlike stovetop kettles, electric kettles have an automatic feature that stops the boiling process as soon as the water reaches its boiling point. So this means no spillage, no over-boiling… and no more worrying about your house burning down because of an unattended stovetop.


4. Versatile and Fit for the On-the-Go Lifestyle

Rushed mornings are never without coffee, hot choco or tea. Because it’s easy and quick to operate, the electric kettle is one of the yuppie and the professional’s best friends in the kitchen. In need of hot water for instant soup? Just pour in water, flick the switch on, and you got it in no time!


KW-1362 Kyowa Electric Kettle


Convenient, efficient, safe and versatile. It’s clear: an electric kettle is a kitchen must. Ready to get one? Take your pick from Kyowa’s stylish and energy-efficient electric kettles at Lazada