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Kyowa Induction Cooker: A Condo Living Essential

on September 14, 2020

One of the real challenges of condo living is dealing with limited space. Yet, who says you have to sacrifice comfort and convenience for a little place of your own? The key is in selecting space-saving home essentials. For the kitchen, start with this must-have: the induction cooker.


Introducing the Induction Cooker

Traditional stoves heat up its surface first before it reaches your cookware. Using induction tech, an induction cooker works differently. Instead of heating the stove’s cooktop, an induction cooker uses magnetic currents to heat pots and pans directly. And it’s in this way of working that the induction cooker delivers the following benefits for condo-living:

Quicker Meal Prep

Because heat directly goes into the cookware, heating food and water is faster.

Control & Consistent Cooking Quality

Induction cookers give you temperature control that’s more precise than what traditional gas or electric stoves can offer. Tasty results are possible with the same heat control, any time.

Easy to Clean

Since induction burners don’t heat the surface of the cooktop, you can expect little to none splatters and boil-overs. And because the induction cooker’s surface is made up of smooth, glass exterior, cleaning should be quick and easy.

Takes up little space in the Kitchen

Induction cookers take little space in the kitchen than old stoves and even countertop ranges do. Induction cookers are compact and specifically built for small spaces such as that of a condo kitchen.

Reliably Safe to Use

The induction cooker’s unique way of generating heat is also its main safety feature. Aside from no open flames, an induction cooker’s surface heats up, only when cookware is placed in the cooking zone. It also cools down much more quickly, compared to its conventional alternatives.