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Must-Have Home Appliances

on September 14, 2020

In the era of modern homes with smart gadgets, it’s easy to lose track of what home appliances you really need. Whether you are moving to a new home or looking to replace missing items, make sure you have the basics covered with this list from Kyowa. To add, this should also come in handy when you need gift ideas for weddings, anniversaries, and housewarming parties.


  1. Rice Cooker

KW-2064 Kyowa Rice CookerAs a country with rice as a staple part of every meal, this one is definitely a kitchen staple. With a conventional rice cooker, you just add rice and water, press the button, and voila, you have cooked rice! Some rice cookers even come with extra features, such as having a steamer, a slow cooker, or a congee maker.

Featured product: Kyowa KW-2064 1.8L Rice Cooker



  1. Induction Cooker

KW-3635 Kyowa Induction StoveaOne of the ultimate space-savers in the modern kitchen, an induction cooker frees you from the struggle of regularly having to deal with a gas cylinder. It is also less hazardous than the traditional stovetop as it uses heat via an electromagnetic field. All you need to do is place it on a countertop, plug it in, and cook! And to top that, nothing screams ‘modern’ than a sensor touch control system! Kyowa’s Induction Cooker pairs this with an elegant, easy-to-clean crystal glass plate.

Featured: Kyowa KW-3635 Induction Double Burner Gas Stove



  1. Electric Kettle

KW 1362 Kyowa Electric KettleAn electric kettle definitely counts as an essential home appliance for an on-the-go lifestyle. Unlike stovetop kettles, electric kettles provide convenience, portability and efficiency. If you do not own a water dispenser or a shower heater, an electric kettle can do the job. Aside from boiling plain water, it can steep tea and even boil an egg! 

Featured product: Kyowa KW-1362 Electric Stainless Steel Kettle 1.7L



  1. Flat Iron

KW-7005 Kyowa Flat IronAiming for the best product for that well-pressed and crease-free clothes? Go for a Kyowa Flat Iron! It has a built-in water spray function, plus a non-stick coated soleplate so it’s guaranteed to glide easily on clothes – making your ironing task a pleasant chore!

Featured product: Kyowa KW-7005 Flat Iron




  1. Industrial Stand Fan

Keep your home cool this summer with Kyowa’s energy-efficient Industrial Stand Fan. Plus, get a wider room cooling coverage with its 18-inch adjustable tilting head! It comes in classic black guaranteed to match any home style.

Featured product: Kyowa KW-6548 Industrial Stand Fan




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