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Various Coffee Blends Using a Kyowa Coffee Maker

on September 14, 2020

Ever get the feeling that every morning feels the same? You get up at 6:00am, shower, eat breakfast, brush your teeth and drink a cup of your usual instant coffee before your ride arrives. Is it you? Well here’s an idea for a buzz to your day-starter routine: get creative with your morning beverage! Here are a few coffee blends that you can try out with the help of a Kyowa Coffee Maker!


Basic Coffee Beans

There’s actually a variety of species of coffee, but mainly, most beans fall into two categories:

  • Arabica Beans. From the Coffea arabica plant, Arabica beans are the most popular beans worldwide.
  • Robusta Beans. From the Coffea canephora plant, Robusta beans are stronger and more bitter in taste. This type of beans is used in many types of espressos.

Whichever type of beans you go for, know that there are more than one method of brewing coffee. But let’s keep it simple and easy with a Kyowa coffee maker!


Coffee Blends for Your Everyday Cup

Coffee, milk and sugar—by playing up the proportions, you get a variety of coffee blends you can trade with your standard 3-in-1:


Plain Black

Coffee served straight from the carafe without milk or sugar. Because it’s associated with many health benefits, most coffee drinkers prefer plain black.

With a Kyowa coffee maker, simply brew your beans and you’re good!


Caffè Americano

Caffè Americano or Americano got its name from its backstory of American WWII soldiers filling their cups of black coffee with water to make them last longer.

As black coffee lovers would have it today: a cup of Americano is a shot of (or one-thirds) espresso and two-thirds water.


Caffè Latte

Also called “café au lait” (in French), caffè latte is one shot of espresso with steamed milk and a frothy micro-foam top. The steamed milk dilutes the bitterness of the espresso, and even adds a little sweetness to it. Now, you don’t need fancy coffee equipment for steamed milk, as you can use a microwave or opt for the simpler alternative of using plain milk.



The key difference between latte and cappuccino is that the latter has more foam and is sweetly topped with chocolate powder.



If you’re a coffee and chocolate lover, then mocha is the coffee blend to master. Cappuccino with a mix of hot chocolate, mocha is made with chocolate powder to a shot of espresso with steamed milk. Now, don’t forget to sprinkle choco powder on top!


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