Quality Control Process

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

  • Kyowa products are manufactured by ISO-9001 certified factories.
  • ISO gives world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency.

DTI & BPS (Department of Trade and Industry and Bureau of Philippine Standard)

  • Kyowa products are certified by DTI and BPS in compliance with Philippine National Standard.
  • They are government authorities in the Philippines that certify products affecting health, life and safety of consumers.
  • Products are certified thru Import Commodity Clearance(ICC) and Philippines Standard Mark(PS Mark)

TUV Rheinland

  • Kyowa products also undergo and pass quality and safety test conducted by this agency.
  • It’s a European testing agency/ laboratory accredited by DTI conducting strict safety and quality tests including Abnormality Test, Heating Test and Accessibility to live parts.


All Kyowa items are checked and tested by our warehouse and operations team before it is delivered to you.

Proper Item Usage & Care

General care and handling procedure:

Always store the unit in a cool and dry place. Important reminders when using Kyowa appliances may also be applied:

  • Read first the instruction manual to observe proper usage of the item.
  • Avoid product misuse and abuse.
  • Avoid using octopus connection or extension wire with multiple loads.
  • Do not leave your appliance unattended when in use. Always switch it off when not in use.
  • Keep it out of children’s reach.
  • Do not operate the appliance if there is a sign of damage.

What should I do if the power cord of my appliance is damaged?

Do not operate your KYOWA product if the cord is damaged to avoid the risk of electrocution. Bring the item immediately to the nearest authorized service center for repair.

What should I do if my kitchen appliance is not working?

Do not operate your KYOWA product if it malfunctions or shows any sign of damage. Bring the complete product to the place of purchase or at any affiliated Kyowa service centers for inspection, repair or replacement. You may contact KYOWA Head Office Service Center for further assistance. Customer Service Hotline: 02-8242 1731 to 35

Warranty Guidelines

What is the covered by the Kyowa's warranty?

Kyowa offers 1 YEAR warranty on parts and services. However, this product warranty does not cover, and/or may be invalidated due to the following reasons:

  • Faulty installation, unauthorized repairs, and /or modification to the product;
  • Product misuse and normal wear and tear is also not covered.

What are the documents needed to claim the warranty?

The customer needs to present any of the following below upon request of service/warranty:

  • Warranty Card
  • Sales Invoice
  • Official Receipt

What if I had lost my proof of purchase?

You can call Kyowa customer service hotline (08) 8242-1731 to 35 to file a report . The following details below needs to be provided:

  • Customer Details (Name, Contact Number, Address)
  • Item Details (Model Number, Serial Number, Product Defect)
  • Proof of Purchase

Kyowa Customer service team will communicate with the Authorized Service Center to accept the service item if the purchase was successfully verified.

Will there be any other charges upon request of service/warranty?

For items beyond 1 year upon purchase date, customer will pay only the cost of the replacement parts and the services.

Where can I buy spare parts, consumables, or accessories for my appliance?

You may buy spare parts and accessories directly at the Kyowa Head Office and authorized service centers nationwide.

I have just opened my appliance and I think one of the parts is missing. What do I do next?

You may return the items at the branch/outlet where you purchased the item if it is still covered under the 7 days replacement policy; or you may contact KYOWA Head Office Service Center for further assistance. Customer Service Hotline: 02-8242 1731 to 35

What is the procedure in major department stores and appliance stores?

For Warranty: 7 Days replacement for items with factory defect.
Return Policy may vary per store. Service warranty is not allowed in any department stores, thus, we recommend to bring the items to the accredited service centers.

Return Policy and Process (For Items purchased via Kyowa Official Website only):

What is the return policy of Kyowa?

Kyowa only accepts returns for items within 15 days from delivery date.

  • Damaged item - Not turning on, not functioning as intended. Broken parts upon shipment.
  • Wrong item delivered - Item not as described
  • Faulty items with effect to human safety/ damage to property.
  • Incomplete parts and accessories.

How can I return the item?

Customer to send a message through the Kyowa official website to request for return and to provide the following details below:

  • Customer Details (Name, Contact Number, Address)
  • Purchase Details (Date of Purchase, Date items was delivered)
  • Item Details (Model Number, Serial Number)
  • Reason for return

For damaged item, customer will be asked to send photos or videos to validate the claims.

Kyowa customer service team to process and schedule pull-out of the item.

After I return the item, what are the options that I have?

Customer has the option to:

  • Swap or replace the item (Same or different Model) - 3-5 working days processing
    NOTE: If customer opts to replace the item with different model, the price should be equal or higher from the original item. Customer must pay the excess amount to proceed with the replacement.
  • Processing of refund may take up to 15 working days upon submission of complete documents.

For replacement, how long would it take for the item to be delivered??

Kyowa team will swap the item within 3 to 5 working days from the time that the customer has requested for replacement.

What if I change my mind and wanted to replace my item with another item? Is it possible?

The Kyowa Flagship Store accepts replacement requests under the following conditions:

  • The original ordered item is still unused with complete accessories and box is still in good condition.
  • Original Sales Invoice is still intact.
  • Customer to shoulder the delivery fee for the replacement.
  • New item price must be equal or greater than the price of the item for replacement. Customer must pay the excess amount.

If request for a Refund, how will I get it? And how long would it take?

  • Processing of refunds will begin after the item has been successfully returned and validated.
  • Processing of refund may take up to 7 working days upon submission of complete documents.
  • Refund to be add back to customers' account based on the mode of payment used during purchase.
Product FAQs


What are the things to remember when using a rice cooker?

  • Make sure that the inner pot is properly fitted to its base/body.
  • Inner pot should be dry and clean to avoid the heating plate from getting damaged.
  • When getting rice from the unit, remove the inner pot from the unit to avoid damaging the spring of the heater plate.
  • Make sure that both ends of the power cord are properly plugged to its corresponding sockets to avoid short circuit.

What is the right amount of water for every cup of rice?

Pour 1 cup of water for every cup of rice. This however depends on the type of rice used as well as the personal preference when cooking.

Can I use my inner pot for cooking on stoves?

Not recommended, since the inner pot’s thickness is not built to be placed on direct fire. Frequent usage of the inner pot on stove will result to deformation.


What cooking functions can I make with my electric oven?

Electric oven may be used for Baking, roasting and toasting.

Why is preheating required when roasting and baking?

So that the food will be cooked properly and equally.

How to properly preheat the electric oven?

Set the temperature to its maximum level (250c) for 10-15 minutes.

How to properly clean the unit?

Wash removable parts with water and allow it to dry-up before putting it back to the unit. Wipe the inner part with a mixture of water and baking soda and you can spray it with white vinegar before wiping with damp clothes.

What are the containers that may be used for electric ovens?

You can use metal trays or pans, tempered glass plates or containers and ceramic pots.
Note: Please do not use plastic, paper plates or any materials that melts and flammable.


How does it work and how does it differ from the conventional electric oven?

It has an internal fan mounted on the lid that allows hot air to circulate inside the pot. This ensures that the same temperature reaches the top and bottom part of the food which cooks food more evenly. Since heat is transferred more efficiently, it will take less time to cook which saves electricity too.

What are the cooking methods that you can do with the convection oven?

It has 6-in-1 function (Roast, Bake, Steam, Fry, Toast and Defrost)

What is the proper convection oven cooking method?

Preheat the unit by setting the temperature level to maximum for 5-10 minutes.
For Roasting and broiling, place food directly to the wire rack.
For Baking, place the food into pan not more than 10 inches in diameter.
For Steaming, place food into an aluminum foil or pouch and add few drops of water then seal.
For frying, dip food to fry in oil and put directly to the wire rack.
For defrosting, set heat control to thaw/ wash or at least 50°c.

How does the 'Safety lock handle' work?

The oven will not operate or will stop to operate when the handle is lifted up.

How does 'self-cleaning function' work?

The oven will clean by itself by pouring water into the bowl and adding few drops of liquid soap then set the heat control to Thaw/Wash.


How to obtain good flame for the stove?

Set your damper to half open or half covered state to achieve pale blue flame.

  • Full covered damper – The flame is long and reddish caused by insufficient air supply.
  • Full opened damper – The flame is cut because of excessive air supply.

(Please check Instruction Manual for proper setting).


What is the proper water dispenser usage?

Allow 8 to 48 hours standby after the item was bought from store.
Install water bottle into the unit, then allow water to run in the hot water tap before turning ON heating function.


Always remember to install/ use the trivet when cooking.

Use only standard gas hose and reliable regulator.

Make sure that burners are free from any blockage before turning the unit on.

Avoid any cold liquid to spill on glass top while cooking or while its hot.

Allow stove to cool down before cleaning.

Clean the top body, trivets and burners to avoid accumulation of dirt.

Make sure your area near gas stove is free from flammable materials

Be mindful of the intended weight the stove can carry to avoid sudden breakage.

  • Single burner – It can carry maximum of 5 kilos.
  • Double Burner – It can carry maximum of 10 kilos.



What are the cooking methods that I can do with the multi cooker?

It has 8-in-1 function which includes: Deep fry, Roast, Sauté, Slow Cooking, Steam, Stew, Cooking Rice and can be used as food warmer. Other cooking functions: Grill, congee, bake and fondue.

What is the proper clean and care of the unit?

Do not use sharp metal utensils or abrasive tools with the unit: use only plastic or wooden utensils to avoid damaging the non-stick surface of the inner pot.

Will the provided metal accessories damage the non-stick inner pot?

Provided metal accessories will not damage the unit if used properly.

Can the multi cooker be used for frying using small portion of oil? There is a MIN line inside the inner pot.

Yes; MIN and MAX level is applicable for deep fry, boil, hot pot, slow cook, and steam.


What are the containers that are safe to use for Microwave oven?

Heat resistant glasses, ceramic, microwavable plastic, kitchen papers.

What are the containers/materials that are not allowed to be used in microwave oven?

Metal trays and racks, aluminum foils and containers.


What is the advantage of grilling over frying?

Excess oil/fat was being drained while grilling unlike frying wherein the food must be directly placed in cooking oil.

How can I avoid smoke and excessive odor while using the unit?

Always fill the water pan/ oil drip tray with water. This will prevent the grease and excessive fat/oil to burn and cause fumes. Filling the unit with water is also necessary as it regulates temperature of the unit’s body – this prevents the unit to overheat.

What utensils can I use for my non-stick Grill plate?

Use only wooden, plastic, rubber or silicon tongs, cutleries or utensils to avoid it from getting scratched.


What is the suitable cookware for Induction cooker?

Iron metal or stainless steel w/ enough magnetic material. Pan diameter should be 16-24cm.

What are the cookware items that are not applicable for the unit?

Glass, ceramic or aluminum type of cookware. Pan diameter: Less than 16cm will not be detected.

What is the maximum weight the induction cooker can carry?

5-7 Kilos only

What is the advantage of using Induction cooker compared to Electric Stove and Gas Stove?

It is safe to use because of the absence of open flame and direct heat.


What is the recommended type and size of ice that I can use with my blender?

You may use cube ice or tube ice less that 1 inch in size.

The unit has a Built-in Safety switch feature, how does it work?

Unit will not function if all the parts of the unit are not fitted well.

Can I add food or liquid to the blender while it is operating?

Yes, but to avoid spillage do not remove the lid or cover; instead just remove the feeder cap and fill the ingredients through its opening.