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The iconic brand of home
and kitchen appliances

Since its introduction in the market in 1988, Kyowa has consistently maintained high quality at affordable prices and continues to be treasured by Filipino families across generations.

Other than simply cooking our favorite staple to go with our meals, there is so much more you can deliciously create with a rice cooker–some of which, we are sure you never expected could be possible!

A kitchen goes beyond being a place where you cook all your favorite meals. It is the place in your home designed to make life healthier and easier for you and your loved ones.

  When it comes to leveling up your home cooked dishes, having a Kyowa electric oven at home is really a game changer. While...

Ever considered getting an air purifier for your home or office? Whether or not you have any respiratory issues, investing in one can do wonders not just for your place, but also for your health.

Ever get the feeling that every morning feels the same? You get up at 6:00am, shower, eat breakfast, brush your teeth and drink a...

So you’re looking at your kitchen and you already have the basics covered – a stovetop, rice cooker, pots and pans, and utensils. But,...