Air Purifier w/ UV-C Light (KW-9400)

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UV-C Light that Kills Bacteria and Viruses by destroying their Nucleic Acids and Disrupting their DNA

3 Layer Filtration System – Preliminary Filter Layer, HEPA Filter Layer, and Activated Carbon Filter for thorough Air Cleaning

Covers up to 40 square meters in area

Removes Unwanted Smells and Foul Odors

Releases Ozone Gas to Eliminate up to 99.97% of most Viruses, Bacteria, Molds, Spores, Mites and other Pathogens

With 8 Hour timer & Sleeping Function

With 3 Speed Levels and Auto mode

With Infrared Sensor to detect Air Quality

Filter Lifespan: 2200H

UV-C Bulb Lifespan: 8000h

Power Rating: 60 WATTS


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