4 Must-have Kitchen Appliances this Chinese New Year

4 Must-have Kitchen Appliances this Chinese New Year

It's the festive season again where we gather with our families and friends to celebrate over auspicious food. But before the festivities start, we all know what happens behind the scenes — long cooking preparations.

Thankfully, now's the perfect time to treat yourself to new kitchen appliances that can make your life easier! Welcome the Lunar New Year with these four fantastic Kyowa appliances that will improve your cooking time this Chinese New Year and beyond.


Kyowa Air Fryer KW-3812

Preparing meals this Chinese New Year has never been this easy! Cook your favorite traditional dishes like dumplings and tikoy in just a few minutes with the Kyowa Air Fryer KW-3812. You can fry, bake, toast, and roast through this air fryer! It also lets you enjoy your fried dishes guilt-free as it consumes little to no oil compared to your normal cooker. This cooking companion is absolutely convenient, as it frees up your time spent preparing meals while also encouraging healthier eating. This kitchen powerhouse is your game changer for easier cooking and healthier living this Lunar Year ahead!


Kyowa Rice Cooker KW-2038

Dumplings and rice cakes are Chinese New Year staples. Did you know you can make these dishes with just a Kyowa Rice Cooker KW-2038? Beyond cooking rice, you can also use it to steam your favorite dumplings and vegetables! Perfect for daily cooking and special occasions, this Kyowa lucky charm helps you with various kitchen hacks!


Kyowa Stand Mixer KW-4503

A Chinese New Year feast would be incomplete without longevity noodles. This year, you can make it more special by serving your loved ones your own hand-pulled noodles! With the help of the Kyowa Stand Mixer KW-4503, you can easily knead the dough for this Chinese New Year must-have. What's more, it can also shred chicken or ground meat. Having the Kyowa Stand Mixer on hand is the charm to an easier and faster mixing or grinding prep!


Kyowa Rice Cooker KW-2130

Gatherings call for large servings and we all know that Chinese meals are best enjoyed with a steaming cup of rice.With the Kyowa Rice Cooker KW-2130, you can cook up to 6 cups of rice, which is estimated to serve up to 18 plates. And with this kitchen must-have, you can feel at ease that everyone’s tummies will be full and happy!

Have you found the perfect Chinese New Year kitchen charm for your home? Check out these Kyowa kitchen finds and more at www.kyowa.com.ph. We wish you a prosperous Year of the Rabbit and a #LifeMadeEasy with Kyowa!