Anatomy of a Stand Mixer

Anatomy of a Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are designed to make cooking and baking easier and more efficient in the kitchen – that’s why we made the Kyowa Stand Mixer 4530 as the perfect partner when it comes to baking.

The Kyowa Stand Mixer 4530 is ONE OF THE LEADING stand mixer in the market because of its sturdy and versatile characteristics that can withstand the test of time, making #LifeMadeEasy in the kitchen!

What is the anatomy of the Kyowa Stand Mixer KW 4530?

• Die-cast aluminum body made with durable corrosion-resistant material

- Say goodbye to your previous stand mixer that easily rusts and cannot stand high levels of heat because the Kyowa Stand Mixer KW 4530 is made with a die-cast aluminum body with durable corrosion-resistant material that can withstand heat and does not rust – making it useful for a longer period of time!

• 6-speed setting with pulse control for different mixing functions

- You will experience a life-changing consistency when it comes to baking your favorite desserts because of its 6-speed setting and pulse control function that is easy to use in whatever level of mixing functions needed.

• High-performance gear system that can withstand heavy mixtures

- Having a hard time mixing heavy mixtures with your stand mixer? Kyowa Stand Mixer KW 4530 comes to the rescue! With its high-performance gear, it can mix heavy ingredients and large batches of mixture. With Kyowa Stand Mixer KW 4530, you can make rounds and rounds of your favorite dessert without breaking a sweat or without worrying that your stand mixer will break down!

• Hinged tilt-head design to easily access bowl and mixture

- A tilt-head mixer is a mixer that tilts its head back so you can attach the bowl to the base and swap out accessories whenever you need to change it. With this type of mixer, you will not have a hard time changing bowls, mixtures, or accessories because it can be easily done without you worrying about baking-related injuries!

• Non-slip rubber suction footing to keep the unit in place for stability

- The function of the non-slip rubber suction is to keep Kyowa Stand Mixer KW 4530 stable when you are using it. With this, the device will not move around whenever you’re Mixing.

All in all, the Kyowa Stand Mixer KW 4530 is a GREAT PURCHASE because of its power and durability. It can also handle various baking tasks such as mixing, whipping, and kneading. Whether you are a professional baker or baking is just your hobby, the Kyowa Stand Mixer KW 4530 is a great investment because it can make your life easier in the kitchen and in the long run.

To use the Kyowa Stand Mixer KW 4530 is to believe! Shop the Kyowa Stand Mixer KW 4530 now at or shop at our official flagship stores in Shopee and Lazada!