Kyowa 35th Anniversary Celebration

Kyowa 35th Anniversary Celebration

Believe it or not, many parts of the Philippines did not have regular power during the mid-1990s. For most businesses, this proved a disaster. But there are early innovators that took the bull by the horns and tamed the beast – take Kyowa as the perfect example.

Kitchen Beauty Marketing Corporation, the maker of Kyowa, celebrates its 35th anniversary in the Philippines brimming with success stories of innovation, market vision, and clear implementation of the company’s mission. 

KBMC has Kyowa as a flagship brand for its small kitchen and household appliances. From launching the first rechargeable lanterns during the brownout years to the introduction of the indispensable rice dispenser—we are after all a rice-consuming nation—Kyowa rode and crested with the waves of economic change and came out winning.

“It is our mission to serve our customers and make life easy for everyone. We are focused on the people. That’s why we place Kyowa in the position to make life for every Filipino as easy as possible,” says Mr. Marc Tee, Chief Operating Officer of KBMC.

“Our homes, our kitchens should be a place of comfort. Our Kyowa brand has appliances that help you create that comfort zone. Kyowa is here to make life easier for you because the more time you save, the more time you spend living life,” Mr. Marc Tee adds.

Three decades on it is the ability to smell the winds of change that spells the brand’s longevity. Kyowa quickly caught the change in the Filipino household, the new decision maker, and the type of residence. The brand is also quick to cash in on the young customer and its flair for new experiences, tastes, and hobbies. In short, it’s all about fully understanding the new lifestyle. 

With the changing customer comes a change in look. Literally defined as, today or new day, Kyowa celebrates this landmark with a new logo that better embodies its meaning. A rising sun symbolizes the brand as a reliable product that is innovative to address a lot of needs. A new day also exudes warmth and sincerity, and even optimism, all the positive feelings of a life worth living.

KBMC also carries Rossetti, known for stainless steel kitchenwares and food service items.   catering and restaurant wares.  Rossetti is designed to meet all of your culinary and cooking needs.  Kyowa recently launched its Kuroshiro line of appliances that aptly depict sleek and classy in honor of its kuro (black) and shiro (white) definition. 

While the market is saturated with new brands, there is truth in brand loyalty. Kyowa remains top of mind because it has stayed true to its customers through the years.

“2023 is a big year for KBMC. We love the Philippines, and we hope to stay in the hearts and minds of Filipinos through their kitchen and their homes,” adds Mr. Marc Tee. ***