Advantages of a Low-sugar Rice Cooker

Advantages of a Low-sugar Rice Cooker

Looking for healthier alternatives when it comes to cooking rice and you want to be in control of your sugar intake? The low-sugar rice cooker is your perfect health companion! With its technology and science that can lessen the carbohydrates of rice, you can eat your favorite carbs without ruining your diet!

KW-2200 Low-Sugar Rice Cooker

Here are the advantages of a low-sugar rice cooker:

Healthier Cooking

Excess sugar intake can contribute to various health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and even obesity. A low-sugar rice cooker reduces the carbohydrate content by up to 30%, making it your trusted diet companion.


The use of low-sugar rice cooker can bring out the natural taste and flavor of the rice, making it more satisfying, more delicious, and healthier!

We all know that sugar has a lot of calories and reducing the amount of sugar in your rice can help reduce the overall calorie content of your rice or meal. This is beneficial to people who are on a healthy diet or who are particular with their food intake but still love to eat rice.

With Kyowa’s Low-sugar rice cooker, say goodbye to your “rice guilt” because you won’t feel guilty about your rice consumption! With its 1L capacity, you will have the “power” to control your carbohydrate intake making it the healthier option when cooking your guilt-free rice!

Control Over Cooking

The Kyowa KW-2200 Low-sugar rice cooker is also your best friend because of its digital touchscreen panel that can change and adjust the setting in just a few presses. With its functions and settings such as the preset and time function, you will have more control over how to cook your rice!


The Kyowa KW-2200 Low-sugar rice cooker is a compact, convenient, and easy-to-use kitchen appliance that saves you time and effort. Just add your rice to the rice cooker and voila, the low-sugar rice cooker will do the rest!

The Kyowa KW-2200 Low-sugar rice cooker is a great buy because of the technology, and features – allowing you to fully enjoy rice without worrying about your diet or your health.

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