Basic Steps in Keeping Your Electric Oven Clean

Basic Steps in Keeping Your Electric Oven Clean


When it comes to leveling up your home cooked dishes, having a Kyowa electric oven at home is really a game changer. While having the ability to bake and roast at home is deliciously fun, keeping the oven clean can be a challenge most especially for first timers. Here are some basic steps you can do to not only keep your electric oven clean, but also prolong its overall quality and condition:


     STEP 1: Remove All Accessories

After using and cooling down your electric oven, be sure to unplug and carefully pull out all the removable accessories, such as the baking rack, rotisserie handle, baking pan, and crumb tray, from the inside.


     STEP 2: Clean The Insides

Using a soft, damp cloth with mild detergent, wipe all the external parts of the electric oven. Make sure to avoid having water or any form of liquid seep into the control panel of the appliance.


     STEP 3: Wash The Removable Accessories

Place all the removable accessories onto the sink and wash with warm soapy water. Refrain from using harsh detergents and abrasive objectives (e.g. scrubbing pads, metal brushes) to clean each removable part.

     STEP 4: Prepare It For Future Use

Wipe everything dry with a soft and dry cloth. Place back all the accessories to their proper places before operating again. 
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