Home and Kitchen Upgrades You Deserve This Holiday Season

Home and Kitchen Upgrades You Deserve This Holiday Season

While Christmas is indeed the season of giving, it is also the time you reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve accomplished throughout the year. What better way to invest your hard-earned bonuses than to elevate your living space? After all, home care is also a form of self-care.

Here are some amazing appliances we recommend for you to check out which will not keep your home safe, clean, and cozy, but also make life a whole lot easier for you:

Dish Sterilizer (KW 9700)


Health experts tell you to be mindful of what you eat. We agree, but we’d like to add: think of where you put what you eat. The Kyowa Dish Sterilizer has up to 80% heat sterilization, killing up to 99.9% of most viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. The use of UV light guarantees a more effective disinfection over your regular dishwashing soap and water. Aside from this function, you can also opt for heat dry, auto, or air dry – all accessible through a one-touch control panel. With our product, keeping your dishes spick-and-span is faster and safer.

Vacuum Cleaner (KW 6008)


Whether you live independently or share your space, house cleaning can be a breeze with the Kyowa Vacuum Cleaner! It has a powerful motor and a three-filter system to help you clean every nook and cranny in your home. This device is perfect for keeping your walls, floors, and other surfaces dust-free so you can move freely.

Air Purifier (KW 9402)


As we become more open to physically meeting up again, the Kyowa Air Purifier keeps your air cool and clean so you can safely celebrate with your loved ones at home. It uses infrared sensor technology to assess air quality and improve it up to 16 meters. This air purifier has three filter layers: a preliminary filter that traps significant air pollutants, a HEPA filter that eliminates most airborne bacteria, and an activated carbon filter to absorb odors. On top of the fresh air it gives, it comes with a night light to help you sleep better. The bow on this gift is its compact build and aesthetic white finish, perfect for any corner of your home.

Ready to feel and live better? Conveniently order online through our website at https://www.kyowa.com.ph. You can also buy through our flagship stores on Shopee and Lazada.