4 Tips to Keep your Home and Kitchen Safer this Holiday Season

4 Tips to Keep your Home and Kitchen Safer this Holiday Season
Christmas is just around the corner and everyone’s getting busy with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. And with all the preparations that come with it, we must keep everyone’s safety in mind. Here are 4 ways to keep your kitchen safe and secure for all:

1. Remember to unplug appliances when not in use.

This is one of the most basic rules when it comes to appliances: always unplug them when not in use. Not only does it help save electricity, but it also keeps your machinery safe from sudden electric surges and prolongs its life span.

2. Keep an eye on your children and pets while cooking.

When it comes to cooking, making sure your dear ones are safe is also important. A friendly piece of advice: have someone look after your small children and pets while you’re busy cooking meals for the family. Never leave cooking unattended and check things frequently to make sure it’s not burned.

3. Never leave flammable materials near kitchen appliances in use.

We want to make sure that everything is secure, and of course, safe from anything that may start a fire in our kitchen. Always be cautious about this and you shall remain worry-free.

4. Clean your appliances after use and store them in a cool dry place.

Properly cleaning your appliances after the festivities can be tedious but it’s the way to prolong their life. Make sure to read the proper care instructions before doing any cleaning to keep it in check.
With the end of the year approaching and the holiday season drawing near, it is important to keep your family’s safety in check. While you’re at it, why not check out some trusty appliances you can use this season? Kyowa appliances are ISO certified and undergo rigorous tests to check and ensure the safety and quality of each of our products.

1. Air Purifier (KW 9405)

For cleaner, crisp, and fresher air indoors, get the Kyowa Air Purifier KW-9405. It has a 3 layer filtration system for thorough air cleaning and UV-C light that kills bacteria and viruses.

2. Rice Cooker Jar (KW 2130)

Cooking rice has never been this convenient with the Kyowa Rice Cooker Jar KW-2130. It has a 1.2-liter capacity and can cook up to 6 cups of rice. This rice cooker also features a one-touch button control, where you can easily switch between cook and warm functions. It also comes with a side-hinged cover with a steam vent and handles that seal the heat to keep warmth better.

3. Air Fryer Oven (KW 3860)

If you’re looking for a sturdy and heavy-duty air fryer oven, you can never go wrong with the KW-3860. It packs a 24-liter large capacity with multifunctions that include: an air fryer, convection, and rotisserie oven. The air fryer oven has a double walled glass window which saves more energy by containing heat inside the oven efficiently. Plus, the removable crumb tray makes it easier when it comes to cleaning the unit after the festive season.

4. Juicer Blender Miller (KW 4220)

Serving fresh fruit juices for the festivities can be handy with the Juicer Blender Miller KW-4220. With its high-powered motor and 1.5L capacity, you will be delighting your family and guests in no time! It also has glass grinder accessories for nuts, cookies, and coffee beans. Comes with dual-speed settings, and pulse control for different textures for various ingredients. The detachable parts and accessories are also perfect for easy cleaning after the celebrations.

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